In terms of the electric vehicles infrastructure development rate, Ukraine is much ahead of many Eastern European countries. It is still difficult to estimate the market in Ukraine; however, the global market of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles will reach USD 45 billion up to 2025.

According to the estimates of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), as of 2030 there will be 160 million electric vehicles in the world. However, up to 2020 the share of electric vehicles in Ukraine may reach 15% (according to the concept of the reform on stimulating the electric vehicles market).

The modern business is currently transforming to developing the new kinds of transport, subject to the energy efficient, economic efficient and environment friendly performance.

EV FORUM (by the managers of the leading Ukrainian exhibition PLUG-IN Ukraine) is a floor for sharing successful experience of installing the charging devices and the commercial vehicles fleets shift to electric vehicles.

EV FORUM comprises effective cases with unique information of the completed business projects in the field of the electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure.

EV FORUM – solely the first hand practical information!

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