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The business shift to the innovative kinds of business, and, respectively, solving the problems of such vehicles powering always faces certain informational vacuum that may be filled solely when handling the same practically.

EV FORUM suggests the topics of absolutely application number.

The problems and benefits, the economic efficiency (real figures), environmental parameters, effects of the regulatory acts on business affairs in this sector.


  • The legislative initiatives stimulating the commercial electric vehicles use: the economic and environmental aspects
  • Commercial use of the charging infrastructure: Ukrainian realia, practical cases and development prospects
  • Development prospects of the commercial electric vehicles market: manufacturing, maintenance and distribution
  • Public electric transport of the new generation and municipal transport: Economic efficient and environment friendly vehicles, development prospects 
  • Estimates and trends by the industry's top experts


  • FMCG – companies operating own fleet of vehicles
  • Franchising companies
  • Commercial and residential real estate intending to engage premium clients
  • Petrol stations chains
  • Companies operating own fleet of vehicles
  • Courier services
  • Electric vehicles' manufacturers, importers and showrooms
  • Charging stations' manufacturers, importers and vendors
  • Electric power manufacturers and distributors
  • Providers of IT solutions for the industry
  • Large farms and agricultural companies;
  • Municipalities and utility services providers